1 1/4 hours=$160 

Preferred Payment method is check or cash. To keep costs low, credit cards are only accepted by Rick and with a 3% credit card processing fee.  


Cancellation Policy 

If you cancel 24 hours before a scheduled session then there is no fee. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be charged for your appointment. Cancellations due to sickness or emergencies shall not incur charges.


What kind of treatment will I receive?

You will speak to the therapist before your session begins and the treatment will be designed based on your present needs.
Do I disrobe privately?
Yes. Your therapist will leave and you disrobe privately. You will then lie down on the massage table, (face up or down depending on the therapist and client) beneath the sheet and blanket and your therapist will then return. 
Do I remove all clothing?
Usually the treatments are given with the client undressed, but you can decide what clothes to keep on during your session.
What should I expect during treatment?
For massage your therapist will use oil or lotion to massage your face, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and back. The amount of pressure the therapist uses will be light at first- to warm the muscles up-and gradually increase to work out tightness and constriction. At any time, feel free to tell the therapist if you're in pain. Some soreness is normal, especially if you're new to massage. But your comfort is the top priority, so let the therapist know if you'd like a lighter touch. You should also inform the therapist if you're too hot or cold and the room temperature will be changed.
Will I be covered during the session?
You will be draped at all times while on the massage table and only the area being worked shall be momentarily uncovered. During postural evaluation you are asked to wear underwear and stand and or walk so the therapist can see your posture.
What is the usual length of a session?
One a quarter hours.